Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Review: Korean Women and TV (by Wang Xu)

two classes, two ages, four categories,korean women and tv.

Youna Kim is my supervisor,her previous research is about the Korean women's everyday life and tv.

yesterday I read one of her journal How TV mediates the husband-wife relationship, i think this is a summary of her book from one aspect.however, there is always something worth mentioning, especially it is important to state the inspirations. I would not read it again to write any book review or whatever,just write as long as i can remember.


其次,KIM说,与西方女性misery of nothing比较,韩国女性是很清楚的认识到自己的日常悲剧是怎样的,那就是长期在男权话语统治之下的沟通缺失。韩国女性长期的遭受‘deprivation of emotional intimacy'.而电视剧的tragic structure of feeling( Ang),正是这样迎合了这种心理缺失。


或许与KIM出身于GOLDSMITH相关,或许她的导师是DAVID MORLEY?没有考证,但是我觉得可以肯定的是她的导师不是ANGELIA MCROBBIE,因为从她的文章中并没有看到更多的女性主义的东西,尤其是后女权。然而,作为一个先行者,她既然已经出了书,并且写的是我们邻国女性,将来,毕竟在一定程度上会对中国女性观众的研究,起到一定的启发作用。


...both Fiske and Bourdieu point out, the enjoyment of the popular is usually associated with a more relaxed bodily attitude in that the notion of being entertained offers a release from the usual demands of society.( Nice Stevenson,2002,p104)



J said...

Quite confused without infused context. Can you explicate this quote a bitter more or direct to its original reference? Thanks.

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