Sunday, February 12, 2006

Shall we have a little discussion here before Chairman Ma comes to LSE?

I've been reading about him on Wikipedia, and I've already got some questions in my mind - wondering if one of you gals can answer my questions? Otherwise I will forward them directly to chairman Ma!!!

Before asking the questions, let's see a quote from Wiki:


  1. 以“三民主義現代化”為黨的中心思想,重振黨德、黨魂,據以號召人心,喚起民眾,共同奮鬥,爭取2008年重新執政。
  2. 捍衛中華民國,反對台獨與中共的「一國兩制」。以中華民國憲法與「九二共識」為基礎,在對等、尊嚴的前提下,促進兩岸和平與交流。以「連胡會五項共同願景」做為兩岸關係發展方向,結束兩岸敵對狀態,簽署和平協議,建立共同市場。
  3. 依法處理黨產,處理後之所得,優先作為安置離退黨工之用。推動政黨法,維護政黨公平競爭。
  4. 黨必須是選舉機器,但不能只是選舉機器,還應凸顯本黨的理想性與使命感。
  5. 成立國民黨青年團,讓青年團總團長兼任黨副主席;成立「土豆志工團」,招募大量志工。

Ok, concerning the second proposition, as usual: obviously Ma is trying to find the thirdway to solve the Taiwan strait tension i.e. Taiwan's way out, which is, as much as I can see, to keep the status quo. Am I getting it right? But still the proposition per se is quite self-contradictory: how can Taiwan being neither independent nor as a part of the PRC? I don't get it......

The other ones are actually looking ok. So can anyone answer my question?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

When was your first porn - a question to put forward to pornography consumers

When did you watch your first porn?

Despite the problem of accessibility, over 80% of the guys I know and I read about watched their first porn before the legally permitted age. If there is a quantitative research done on this and reveal a result likewise, shall we start to question the censorship system we have now?

According to my limited knowledge, the popular censorship in the world now - standardised by the western cernsor authorities - always categorise porn materials 18 and above. Does watching porn under that age really do a lot of harms to the cultivation of 'normal' character? If so, does it mean that we are living in a world full of lunatics now?

Of course there is another explanation: to keep hardcore materials as top secrets that only adults have the key is to make sex a more sacred activity (or in the other end: a stigmatised activity), so that even if kids get to see such materials, they are gonna be self-censored and feeling guilty about it. The argument is: 1st, they might deliberately do if for the sake that it is forbidden and consequently feeling only excitement instead of guiltiness; 2nd, since the nature of sex and how we gonna deal with the activity of sex is uncertain, is it neccessary to stigmatise or make it sacred? Can I further argue that all such censorships are based on a system of morality that is, in consequence of a series of social and philosophical reforms, not feasible to glue the contemporary social fabrication anymore?

Whether the quantitative data is absent or not, it will still be interesting to see what sort of role pornography plays in the cultivation of perspection towards sex and even identities (gender identity for sure: there are a lot of space to debate on this topic) through interviews: is it a challenge so as to be described as a milestone of life, or is it just another must-dos that to balance out the restrictive and rebellious teenage life?

To be continued....