Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Congratulations to the fantastic idea of launching a blog written by East-Asian women about the global media context and with a feminist emphasis!

Members we've got so far are (following the order of registering time):

Peng, Zou (also known as Penguina) -

I constantly experience a personal identity crisis, and I guess that's why I like to stay in the field of academia in search for some explanations. I like discussions about subjectivity, everyday life, use of new media (e.g. video games and blogs), media and nationalism, and diaspora cultures. I love talking about porn!

Xu Wang- (also known as Joanne,and here as X.WANG)

It is always my dream to contribute to the studies of East-Asian Feminism, esp from a media aspect, cuz in the media content, there's always a negative stereotype towards Asian women. We are the group which is really marginalized, and the women who are silent for thousands of years.I'm interested in 'what women really want', East-Asian women grow up in the social background of Confucianism, which probably lock them in their domestic life. Are we really want this? To be a perfect housewife in a subordinate position?Or just appear subordinate but get the real power through this special way?I hope we can find out that later.

Ya-ling, Chiu (aka MademoiselleGisele or YaYa)

I'm pretty interested in how female images are displayed thru contemporary popular media, advertising in particular. Not only examine their transformation but also their influence and impact toward both genders. Last year, i've done a research on the representations of female body and femininity in 21st century perfume adverts, which was quite inspiring in some ways. Topics related to 'gender inequality', 'social construction of identity', 'cultural representation' and 'consumer psychology' r also under my interests. I firmly believe that my devotion to this area would help me discover more about myself as well, which is definitely...exciting!

Hsu Jui-ling - (Ling )

I have never thought that one day I would be a member of such a SERIOUS group 'East-Asian Feminist Media Studies', somehow it could help me to identify myself as a 'feminist' or a 'elite' (ha ha), as these two words contain too much responsibilities the ways in which the labels are attached on and the positions are located. But anyway, I would like to perform as a good feminist here and try not to be clumsy in my daily life, as it let me looks not feminist at all !

Tou Jia-yan

The idea so far is to use this blog as:

1. A site to jot down our statistic revision study group activity notes
2. Support each other with dissertation ideas
3. Recommending each other news of the field
(please feel free to add things you want to do here)

Anyone who drop by here and feel interested to join us, please don't hesitate and contact any of the contributors on the list!

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