Sunday, February 12, 2006

Shall we have a little discussion here before Chairman Ma comes to LSE?

I've been reading about him on Wikipedia, and I've already got some questions in my mind - wondering if one of you gals can answer my questions? Otherwise I will forward them directly to chairman Ma!!!

Before asking the questions, let's see a quote from Wiki:


  1. 以“三民主義現代化”為黨的中心思想,重振黨德、黨魂,據以號召人心,喚起民眾,共同奮鬥,爭取2008年重新執政。
  2. 捍衛中華民國,反對台獨與中共的「一國兩制」。以中華民國憲法與「九二共識」為基礎,在對等、尊嚴的前提下,促進兩岸和平與交流。以「連胡會五項共同願景」做為兩岸關係發展方向,結束兩岸敵對狀態,簽署和平協議,建立共同市場。
  3. 依法處理黨產,處理後之所得,優先作為安置離退黨工之用。推動政黨法,維護政黨公平競爭。
  4. 黨必須是選舉機器,但不能只是選舉機器,還應凸顯本黨的理想性與使命感。
  5. 成立國民黨青年團,讓青年團總團長兼任黨副主席;成立「土豆志工團」,招募大量志工。

Ok, concerning the second proposition, as usual: obviously Ma is trying to find the thirdway to solve the Taiwan strait tension i.e. Taiwan's way out, which is, as much as I can see, to keep the status quo. Am I getting it right? But still the proposition per se is quite self-contradictory: how can Taiwan being neither independent nor as a part of the PRC? I don't get it......

The other ones are actually looking ok. So can anyone answer my question?

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