Thursday, January 26, 2006

women in the west wing

Ok..I want to say sth first cuz I 'm afraid I would forget it later...bad memory,u all know that:(

yesterday i saw one episode of The West Wing, a popular american prime time drama. The chief press secretary (sorry forgot her name right now,but she is really a powerful woman in the west wing). She got threatened those days, and CIA sent an agent to guard her. There was obviously sth between them, u know...and when the agent asked her to say sth nice, she said,"i like you taller than me, that makes me more feminine".

there's really a problem in this conversation. The powerful woman in the west wing, a politically successful female, also needs to be femine, in other words, she probably always feels that she is not feminine enough because her political position, I remembered Peng had talked about it with me before, a similar situation, that if a woman wanted to get some success in career in old-days China, several decades ago, they just appeared non-feminine. However, the same circumstance seems to exist in today's US as well, probably to some extent the whole world.

I don't know if i have expressed clearly enough, but i really want to raise this problem for us to discuss. Please forgive my poor english~~

heihei, c u all soon


Penguina said...

I don't think there is any feminist popular TV dramas at the moment! Maybe the L word can be one.

X.WANG said...
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